Eureka Education Center is a program of Chow Associates, a private multi-service agency for individuals and families seeking advancement and success. This summer, Eureka Tutoring Center presents "Eureka! Summer Discovery Camp" in partnership with True Growth San Francisco.

The Eureka! Summer Discovery Camp is a full-day, nine-weeks long program of morning academic workshops and afternoon extracurricular activities that engage youth to learn and grow by gaining new knowledge, skills, and experiences through direct application.

Summer Discovery Camp is structured around engaging and stimulating workshops and activities from reading and language arts, to math, science, history, technology, music, art, illustration and more.

The programs ensure active student participation through leadership opportunities and involvement in various exciting projects. Every Monday, we conduct weekly collaborative meetings where we choose a weekly theme and discuss expectations and goals for the days ahead. All programs are purposefully intertwined for participants to experience the overall connection and a sense of ownership from one program to another.learn more

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